Who We Are

Makeus is a global digital content creation studio equipped with its distinctive IP line up and production expertise.

As a creator of the best possible digital content optimal for mobile devices, social media, individualized society, and the era of constantly transforming digital media, Makeus aims to dive deeper into the the global entertainmnet market.

We create content with various topics from music, variety shows, health and well-being, and beauty to lifestyle in our own artistic way. We also communicate to our audiences with sympathy and enjoyment generated from the content.





Makeus sets the lifestyle trends through its digital media business.

We discover and develop valuable experiences for our global audiences to enjoy.

We aim to pave a 'digital content silk road' for Korean music and video content to the global market. In order to realize the goal, we are diligently accumulating content IP, conducting research, and creating content with an efficient production system.





Makeus has always been leading the trends in Korean media market
since its foundation in January, 2014.

We plan on entering the global market to inspire our international audiences
with the good influence of K-culture.

  • Dec. 2023

    AKMU’s ‘Killing Voice’ video was ranked 2nd on YouTube South Korea’s most popular video in 2023

  • Dec. 2022

    Taeyeon’s ‘Killing Voice’ video was ranked 2nd on YouTube South Korea’s most popular video in 2022

  • Nov. 2022

    Signed the MOU with Warner Music Korea

  • Nov. 2022

    Signed the MOU with MUSIC&NEW

  • May. 2022

    Signed the MOU with NAVER NOW

  • Apr. 2022

    Signed the MOU with Beyond Music

  • Dec. 2021

    IU’s ‘Killing Voice’ video was ranked 1st on YouTube South Korea’s most popular video in 2021

  • Jul. 2020

    Became the first Korean digital media company joining YouTube Partner Program

  • Dec. 2020

    Received the grand prize in digital content category at 'Future Creative Superiority Company 2020'

  • Jul. 2019

    Launched 'Killing Voice' of Dingo Music

  • Dec. 2018

    Won an award in the Media category at <2018 Korea Advertising Awards>

  • Nov. 2018

    Received the grand prize in Digital category at <2018 Korea Brand Awards>

  • Nov. 2018

    Launched 'Killing Verse' of Dingo freestyle

  • Mar. 2018

    Signed Media Partnership Agreement with Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation

  • May. 2017

    'Iseul Live' of Dingo Music won an award in Digital Campaign category at New York Festival

  • Oct. 2015

    Launched a digital media brand 'Dingo'

  • Jul. 2015

    Launched 'Sero Live' of Dingo Music

  • Jan. 2014

    Founded MakeUs